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OFC20 fibre draw tower

OFC20 fibre draw tower

OFC20 fibre draw tower

The Nextrom OFC 20 fiber draw tower for Telecom optical fiber production is available with different furnaces and precise preform feeding solutions to produce high quality optical fibers for the Telecom market. We cater individual and specific needs for your flexible production of optical fiber.

High quality components and solutions in the Nextrom Fiber Draw Tower, tailor-made in Europe, guarantee excellent production conditions. This gives you the security of quality operation in short term and a strong reliability in long-term.

Fiber Optic Cable Production Technologies

We provide Fiber Optic Cable lines that are specifically designed to complement each process step from start, all the way to the desired finished product.

This allows our customers to produce the high-quality fiber optic cables associated to our brand.

NPF – Nextrom Preform Feeding

Preform total length: 8800 mm
Preform total weight: 700 kg

NIF – Nextrom Induction Furnace

Graphite induction furnace
Long graphite life
Excellent fiber strength and diameter control
Argon only

Nominal sizes: 150 mm, 200 mm, 230 mm
Preform diameter: 230 mm (250 mm on request)

HSE – Hot Swap Element

Fast perform turnaround
Reduced downtime

NDI – Nextrom Dynamic Iirs

Sealing of uneven preforms

AEI – Automated Exit Iris

Automatic open/ close with drop detection
Iris stabilizes environment inside Nextrom Induction Furnace
Provides stable diameter control

NAF 13 Nextrom Annealing Furnace

Relaxes the stress in the glass to achieve low loss attenuation

CAS – Clean Air Systems

Class 100
Vertical laminar air flow

FCS – Fiber Cooling System

Efficient helium cooling

NHR – Nextrom Helium Recovery System

Optimized for Nextrom cooling tube
Helium recovery rate from 90% up to 97%

STC – Start-up Capstan

Fast initiation of the draw process
Correct fiber diameter for start-up

ACS – Acrylate Coating System

Wet on wet coating

AFU – Acrylate Filling System

Fully automated acrylate filling for continuous draw
Allows for continuous draw

UCS – UV Curing System

Industry standard
LED optional

FSU – Fiber Spinning Unit

For low PMD value of optical fiber

FTC – Fiber Tower Capstan

Structural speed of 3500 m/min
Tension measurement

DFT 2500 – Automatic Dual Draw Take-up

Continuous drawing process
Full speed change over
1000 f-km reel