Viinikanlahti International Architectural Competition

Tietoa Finland revolutionizes urban planning by digitalizing – Now involved in the implementation of the idea competition for Viinikanlahti, Tampere

Innovative aspects of the idea competition for Viinikanlahti include presenting the most important source data with Weup air-map UI, the jury using electronic tools alongside traditional meetings, as well as returning the competition entries as 3D models on the second stage of the competition.

Tietoa Finland participates in the implementation of the idea competition for Viinikanlahti that has attrected international attention, by supplementing the Weup air-map used in the competition and by developing additional electronical tools for digitizing the traditional competition process. In the future, this development results in the possibility to implement a complete cloud service with a strictly limited title ”architectural competition”.

Scale models and drawings on paper have become out-of-date, which is why nowadays the designers are asked to present the designs in digital form. The Competition Toolkit™ developed by Tietoa solves significant problems of digitally implemented design competitions, such as using file formats that are incompatible with most common CAD software as well as presenting unstuctured and unnecessarily plentiful information. Judging tool™ simplifies the jury work by uniforming the visualization material of all competition entries as well as by a handy browsing tool. In the Weup airmap™ UI, designs can be viewed as zoomable 360° panoramic shots and as 3D models.

The potential of the tools developed by Tietoa is pretty promising. Please do not hesitate to contact. You will get the best solutions for your exact project. The experts and professionals are at your service.  ->  Weup air-map of Viinikanlahti   ->  Competition web page  ->  City of Tampere web page

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Geo referred high quality CAD data overlays on interactive 360 panoramas.

Automatic competition entry file management.

Judging Tool list view.