Judging Tool™

Evaluation tool for the precision need


The proposals for architectural competitions were traditionally presented on paper and as scale models. Nowadays competitions are asked to return only or also electronic material, for example PDF versions of the panels.

The Judging Tool™ takes the preparation, submission and evaluation of proposals and the possible public demonstration into a new era. Our highly automated cloud service takes care of the submission of proposals to a standard database, after which a smooth user interface makes it easy for users to browse, filter and comment the content. The peculiarities and process of jury work in architectural competition have been the starting point of designing the entire service.


  • electronic material – fast and ecological, no physical space, easy to move and share
  • automated proposal return process and parsing
  • independent work at your own time and pace wherever you are
  • browser-based cloud data stored in one place
  • finding and refining information efficiently
  • smooth teamwork tool
  • also serves as a platform for publishing results
  • 100% anonymity, total isolation of all submitted file meta data 
  • raise the profile and attractiveness of players and competition


Connecting the Judging Tool™ to the Weup aerial map allows competitors to work on 3D modeling. While judging, the returnable 3D models are seen within airborne 360 panoramic imagery, still images, and as part of the urban mass model. Digital model submission makes it easier to compare proposals in a fair and cost-effective way, especially on big competitions. Tietoa Finland coordinates advanced virtual model-based work methods. A multi-user VR environment where evaluation can be performed by allowing the jury to experience a 1:1 spatial experience as a group together simultaneously within the model.

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